Established in 2014, Yogajewelz is the brainchild of close friends and diehard yogis Natalie and Judi. These two moms began their yoga journey at age 40 with the practice of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Since that time, they have seized every opportunity to learn and to expand their yoga knowledge by incorporating other styles of yoga into their daily routines. Ten years later, they are still learning, still practicing and still keeping it real!

The Yogajewelz Om collection was born out of Natalie and Judi’s commitment to quality and their mutual passion for all things yoga. Although the Om is deeply rooted in yogic philosophy, its appeal is truly universal. One part spiritual, one part inspirational plus a whole lot of beautiful, this collection is what the girls like to call “bling with conscience.” Created in the spirit of loving kindness for all humanity, Yogajewelz proudly donates a portion of all sales to charitable causes which help enact change in the lives of others.

So, whatever road you may be travelling and wherever life may be leading you, Natalie and Judi hope that the original Yogajewelz Om will be a part of that journey. Wear it and be inspired.